Virtue, virtuous, virtual. 10K?

Hello UO Running Club — (Monday, July 6, 2020)

We might not be running together but at least some of us are running! The first week of the Eric/Magda/Zoey Mileage Challenge has been posted. You all received it in an email yesterday with a cryptic title from Eric.

If you need a modicum of direction, read about buildup methods below…

Results from Red Lizard’s Stumptown virtual 10K are linked below. Our runners looked pretty good!

What else?
—The Scandia Run might still happen on August 15th in Junction City.
—We added a new grad student to the Club.
—There were 50 workers doing their stretches at Hayward Field this morning at 7am.
—I ran 12 miles last week, but over 75,000 beginning in 1958.
—A high school boy from California raced 4:06 for at mile at South Eugene track on July 4th.
—Who is the barefoot runner here who actually looks like it doesn’t hurt? He’s over 40.


Let’s optimistically assume there will be some races to run in the fall…

Some of you count miles, some of you don’t. This is the time of year when cross country runners do mostly easy-paced, steady runs in gradually increasing amounts. (We’ll add some quality beginning in August.)

These relaxed-paced runs establish an aerobic base, build muscular endurance, and toughen connective tissue (tendons, ligaments, cartilage). The intensity stays low as the volume increases…and you stay in the hunt in our new mileage test.

If you’re just now starting your buildup of volume, and you want to count weekly miles, here are two ways to progress:

Plateau method: example — 30-30-35-35-41-41-48-48-56-56
--a gradual increase, but with plateaus to “consolidate your gains” and be sure that you’re ready for the next step up. Jack Daniels suggests three-week plateaus, with slightly bigger jumps. Consider it!

Dropback method: example — 30-36-42-36-42-49-42-49-57-49
--you build up two weeks then drop back for one week. The progress seems slow but the chance of being hurt or worn out is small. You still get there!

There are about 12 weeks until fall term starts…probably plenty of time to accumulate a slightly greater volume of running this summer than you’ve done before. But where to start?

You can build from whatever volume you are doing now to some amount that, for you, is a lot. Aim to hit your high mileage in early or mid-September. Get some work done, and arrive in the fall feeling that you’re well prepared...ready to do hard days twice a week in late September, and a long run on the weekend.

But don’t be a slave to mileage! There is virtue in rest. And it’s better to not risk a blowup. If you get five or six days in a week exactly as you want them, that’s a pretty high success ratio. It’s better to get to Eugene in the fall healthy and ready, than to have gone over the edge by pushing too hard.

[LOOK! I just read that paragraph above to Kelly Graves a minute ago while I was sitting on my front steps. He had walked 15,000 steps-a-day the first five days of July. He’d finished 10,000 already today but said he felt a little gimpy. He’ll take a day off tomorrow…]

Strive for excellence, not perfection!

Maybe you can arrive here in the fall ready to start some racing. I’ll give you sample workouts of faster runs and reps in August so that you can be ready to do to full workouts by mid-September.

If you have specific questions now, email me at .


Are you a non-counter? ‘Like to run, but don’t like to count miles? That works!

If you want to run some cross country or road races in the fall, just try to get out the door most days for a run. Go whatever pace feels good. Keep the routes varied. Find someone to run with (or maybe not!).

Running without counting and timing can be fun and rewarding. And you’ll end up running farther and faster over the summer, without trying to.

Come back to Eugene in September, fresh and ready for an enjoyable fall!


Have you found an activity or two that you really enjoy? ‘Probably best not to get onto a team or work out in a group but there’s got to be something that’s okay.
Be creative!

We hope to have an active sprint training group this fall and beautiful new turf fields to work out on right next to Hayward Field.


This race was hosted by Red Lizard last week. Eric, Josh and Renee ran point-to-point at Dexter Reservoir and the final two miles were downhill from the top of the dam. Good thinking! And good running, one and all!

Men — (40 finishers)
1. Eric Beyerle, 31:29 (Eric’s PR set in Scandia Run last year is 31:58)
5. Josh Gordon, 33:19 (Josh’s PR set in 2010 in Butte to Butte is 33:03)

Women — (28 finishers)
7. Renee Gordon, 38:08 (Renee’s PR is in Butte to Butte 2013, 37:19)
20. Anna Mare, 47:17 (minute faster than her PR, on a flat course near Pre’s)


I am still not willing or allowed to meet runners for summer runs, given the coronavirus situation, but if you want to come over and chat outdoors, let’s arrange a time!


Some collegiate coaches have released their cross country schedules as if there will be a normal season. What else can the do?

Friday, Sept 12 Ash Creek Collegiate Monmouth (hosted by Western Oregon)

Friday, Sept 25 Sundowner Invitational Monmouth (hosted by Western Oregon)

Saturday, Oct 3 Charles Bowles Invitational Salem (hosted by Willamette U.)

NEW Sat, Oct 17 Warner Pacific Classic Portland, Lents Park

Most colleges still don’t have their XC schedules posted yet, including UO. The Dellinger meet, if it’s held, might be more local/regional than last year, so there might be room for us.


They say yes! It’s a flat 10km road race in Junction City, north of Eugene, scheduled for August 15. Start in “waves”. Link here —



Emma McEvoy
Marist HS, Atlanta, GA

Nile Timmerman
Eden Prairie MN, EPHS

Andrew Vera
Palmdale CA, Quartz Hill HS

Jordyn Holland
jr, Lane CC (SEHS)

Jacob Powell

Themistocles Frangias
Lincoln Park HS, Chicago

Tobias Harvey, UO grad student, Computer Science

Macy Farrara
frosh, Clackamas HS

Augie Witkowski
UO grad student Chemistry,
College of St Benedict, MN

Welcome, all!

Tom Heinonen

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Who we are. What we do!

UO Running Club gives students the chance to get together to run, train and race. Most of our sessions are steady runs. A couple of days each week we offer harder training sessions (intervals, repetitions, hills, tempo runs, cruise intervals).

The club is coached by Tom Heinonen, a member of the US Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame who coached the University of Oregon women for nearly three decades. In his time coaching the women, he transformed the team from a young program into an NCAA powerhouse. He retired in 2003 to start the club and has been coaching it since.

In the Fall, we compete in collegiate cross country races throughout Oregon, then finish our season at the NIRCA Championships, where we face other college clubs. In the Spring, we enter in collegiate track meets. Several of our runners earn the opportunity to race at Hayward Field each spring. There are road races throughout the year.

We have a wide range of talent and commitment levels, from recreational runners to All-Americans.

Club members receive an e-mailed workout schedule for the following week every Sunday. There is no fee to join the club.

All running sessions are optional. To join, just show up to one of the practices or contact one of us.

The Running Club is a great way to get together with students and to enjoy running!



'Starting a Running Club?
'Building Your Club?

Read this, a document written by our Club leaders!


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