Good Knight! Relays soon. 32:14 + 37:50. B&W.

Kathryn Boyd-Batstone’s great black-and-white photos from the Lane Preview are on our website, www.uorunning.com. And our Club records are up to date as of last weekend. So, the list is wrong already in one place because our guys broke the year-old 4x100 relay record yesterday. It’s an entirely new group of four sprinters!

I’m going to enter everyone who has any chance to get into the Oregon Relays. The meet is next Friday (5-7pm) and Saturday (5-8pm) at Hayward Field. The acceptance list will be published by 10pm on Monday. Look for an email from me Monday night, because I then have to declare or scratch people and relays before 5pm on Tuesday!

Meet schedule is at: http://www.goducks.com/pdf9/1964286.pdf

I missed Taylor ffitch’s new Club 10,000m record (37:50.03) in last week’s meet at Linfield. Only one other Club woman had ever run 10,000m on the track. Taylor ran over two minutes faster. Good, lonely, running!

Ayla Rosen is our 45th Club contributor this year. Thank you!

Road Racing

Renee Gordon will race the Corvallis Half-Marathon on Sunday.

At the Thursday night OTC monthly road race, Kevin Cave won the 10km by over a minute per mile in 32:14. That’s #3 on our all-time Club list, ahead of Mike Long and Casey Campbell. Kevin’s wife Katie ran 43:00.

Aaron Porter got fourth in 40:04. Sometime Club runner Sarah Lloyd was first woman in 40:23. Philip Pfanner got third in the 5km in 18:51.

Is anyone running the “substitute” marathons or halves this spring? With no Eugene Marathon until mid-summer, I don’t know who is training for a long road race this spring...other than Renee Gordon who is aiming at the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth MN in June. Road race info is below.

John Knight Results

We were pretty good at Western yesterday...

Nicole Ginley had a huge PR in the 1500m, over eight seconds, and Robyn Brigham PRed too. Kara Rawlings won her 1500m section.

Our men’s team (Kendrick Taylor, Anthony Gutrick, Andy Girod and Shane Callan) broke the Club record in the 4x100, running 45.27.

There were seasonal best all over. Matt Auer and Martina Miller both ran a bit faster than their steeplechase bests.

The 800 and 1500 double was tough.

100m (overall place, place in section) SB = seasonal best
14 6 Vinjamuri, Michelle UO Running Club 14.83 wind -0.2 mps

11 8 Callan, Shane UO Running Club 11.46 wind +1.8 mps
16 3 Taylor, Kendrick UO Running Club 11.84 +1.9 SB #6 Club
18 4 Girod, Andy UO Running Club 12.51 +1.9 SB

11 5 Callan, Shane UO Running Club 23.67 +1.0 mps
13 6 Taylor, Kendrick UO Running Club 24.03 +1.0
16 4 Girod, Andy UO Running Club 25.56 +1.0

8 4 Gutrick, Anthony UO Running Club 53.07 SB, #6 Club

7 7 Earthman, Lauren UO Running Club 2:27.32 SB
8 1 Morris, Tiffany UO Running Club 2:32.84 won section
10 3 Soh, Romaine UO Running Club 2:52.17

7 7 Armstrong, Beau UO Running Club 1:55.58 SB
11 3 Walker, Andre UO Running Club 1:57.76 SB, #6 Club
12 4 Krahenbuhl, Kyle UO Running Club 1:58.39 SB
20 2 Villa, Gerardo UO Running Club 2:03.19 PR
25 7 Newmark, Jeffrey UO Running Club 2:08.20 SB
26 8 Steele, Jared UO Running Club 2:08.27 SB

15 5 Ginley, Nicole UO Running Club 4:51.27 PR #6 Club
17 7 Brigham, Robyn UO Running Club 4:53.00 PR #8 Club
23 1 Rawlings, Kara UO Running Club 5:08.66 SB won section
25 3 Jones, Emily UO Running Club 5:15.50 SB PR?
29 7 Sodders, Marissa UO Running Club 5:30.76
30 8 Eliot, Maggie UO Running Club 5:50.19

12 1 Foote, Alex UO Running Club 4:02.65 SB won section
18 6 Martinez, Moises UO Running Club 4:12.69
21 9 Villa, Gerardo UO Running Club 4:18.89
24 13 Krahenbuhl, Kyle UO Running Club 4:23.19

3000m Steeplechase
7 7 Miller, Martina UO Running Club 12:46.04 PR #3 Club

2 2 Auer, Matt UO Running Club 10:13.36 PR #4 Club

3 3 Jones, Ryan UO Running Club 15:24.43 PR
5 5 Walker, Andre UO Running Club 16:06.58
10 10 Armstrong, Beau UO Running Club 16:17.82
dnf Otto, Jesse UO Running Club

dnf Martinez, Moises UO Running Club 8km tempo

Long Jump
15 8 Vinjamuri, Michelle UO Running Club 3.88m = 12' 8.75" wind +1.6

4x100m relay
2 A UO Running Club 45.27 **Club record**
Kendrick Taylor, Anthony Gutrick, Andy Girod, Shane Callan

4x400m relay
4 A UO Running Club 4:34.35
Tiffany Morris 67.9, Lauren Earthman 65.1, Romaine Soh 73.0, Nicole Ginley 68.1

Complete results at:

The rest of the season

This weekend we hope to get a lot of people into the Oregon Relays. We’re that good! We will not send runners to Lewis & Clark.

The following Thursday night, April 24, is the Titan Twilight at Lane CC. Last year it was fun and fast...a great meet for us! And it might be the last meet for many of you.

The OSU High Performance meet on Friday, May 2, will only accept some of our fastest people. The meet is adding more NCAA Division I teams which have priority on entries. Saturday, May 3, we will not to go to Pacific. Forest Grove is just too far away and the entry fee is $20.

Friday, May 9, is the Oregon Twilight where we might get our fastest people accepted. And if they have relays, there will be a lane for us because the meet is small. I don’t think we will go to Linfield the next day. ‘Been there!

The final meet is sparse from 400m down and maybe the best meet from 800m up...the West Coast Invitational on Thursday, May 15, in Salem.

That’s the track season!

Workouts: Spring Term Week #3... Tuesday 10am or 6:30pm

*Monday, April 14: 3pm -- meet on the intramural field for an aerobic run or field conditioning...plus abs or planks.

*Tuesday, April 15: Bring lighter shoes or spikes
10am -- meet at South Eugene HS track for workout, or
6:30pm -- meet at Hayward Field for track workout:

...meet us with your warmup run done...

Distance runners:
3-4 x 800m (cutdowns...5000m date pace, 5000m goal pace, 3000m date, 3000m goal)
400m jog-walk
Jog 2 laps on IM field...then put on spikes or racing flats
3 x 400m (cutdowns) with 200-400m jog-walk
3 x 150m (50m float, 50m fast, 50m float) jog-walk 150m back to start

Middle distance runners:
1 x 600m (1500m date pace) 400m jog-walk
2 x 400m (1500m goal pace) 400m jog-walk
Jog 2 laps on IM field...then put on spikes or racing flats
3 x 300m (cutdowns) 300m jog-walk
3 x 150m (50m float, 50m fast, 50m float) jog-walk 150m back to start

4 x 30m from standing start (each harder than previous) walk back
3-4 x jog into a high speed 50m (”step over other knee”) walk back
block starts...if anyone has blocks
2 x 300m (high quality) with at least 5:00 rest
Optional: relay handoffs...both 4x1 and 4x4

*Wednesday, April 16: 3pm -- meet on the intramural field for an aerobic run or field conditioning...plus abs or planks. Strides?

*Thursday, April 17: 3pm -- meet on the intramural field for pre-race warmup or an aerobic run...plus abs or planks. Strides?

*Friday, April 18: Compete in the Oregon Relays, or
3pm -- meet on the intramural field for choice:

a) relaxed, end-of-week run
b) tempo run or cruise intervals on Pre’s
c) hills in Hendricks Park
d) field conditioning on your own
e) pre-race warmup for Oregon Relays
f) sit and listen to my golden tones on the Hayward Field sound system!

*Saturday, April 19: Oregon Relays? On your own, go for a run or watch the webcast.

*Sunday, April 20: Road race or go long or take a nap, then go to the library.

We meet on the intramural field at the north end near 15th Avenue. If it’s dry, we’ll be near the Bowerman Building. If it’s rainy, we’ll meet under the overhang of the rec center.

Leave your bags in the the locker room. We meet rain or shine. Every session is optional.

2014 Club Track Schedule

Th-Sat April 18-19 Oregon Relays Hayward Field

Thur April 24 Titan Twilight Lane CC, Eugene
Sat April 26 Mt. Hood Invitational Gresham

Fri May 2 OSU High Perfrormance Corvallis
Fri-Sat May 2-3 Pacific Twilight Forest Grove

Fri May 9 Oregon Twilight Hayward Field
Sat May 10 Linfield Open McMinnville

Thur May 15 West Coast Invitational Salem

Hayward Field meets and OSU meets will accept some of our fastest people.
Most meets are open to most of our runners.

45 have helped us with letters or $50

Clay Wilkes, Jayati Ramakrishnan, Kanna Scoggin, Matt Sagers, Erin Coates, Dana Greenblatt, Maggie Eliot, Joachim Krauth, Nicole Ginley-Hidinger, Matt Bailey

Matt Auer, John Carley, Robyn Brigham, Rob McLauchlan, Megan Kupres, Martina Miller, Andre Walker, Ryan Jones, Taylor ffitch, Christian George

Jaclyn Rushing, Kaila Sankaran, Jeffrey Newmark, Charlie Hodgman, Kyle Krahenbuhl, Will Phelan, Justin Smith, Ranae Maloney, Michelle Vinjamuri, Charlie Seno

Andrew Logan, Lacey Aley, Kevin Cave, Sarah Dole, Andy Girod, Anthony McDermott, Alex Foote, Emily Jones, Renee Gordon, Josh Gordon

Shane Callan, Walter Stern, Joe Mendenhall, Carolyn Gilchriese, Ayla Rosen

Spring Road Schedule Next Week

Sat, 12 Easter Egg Stash Dash Eugene, 5K, 1K
Sat, 12 CPRD Camellia Run Newberg, 10K, 5K
Sun, 13 Corvallis Half Marathon Corvallis, 13.1M
Sun, 13 Vernonia Marathon & Half Vernonia, 26.2M, 13.1M
Sat, 19 Willamette River Run Springfield, 10K
Sat, 19 Girls On The Run Eugene, 5K
Sun, 27 Vineyards Marathon & Grapes of Half Eugene, 26.2M, 13.1M, 5K
Sun, 27 Rad 80's Run Portland, 5K

MAY --
Sat, 03 Cinco de Mayo Five Eugene, 5M, 5K
Sat, 03 We've Got Your Back Coos Bay, 5K, 1M
Sat, 03 5km Fundraiser run for Scotty Svetal and helmet awareness,
on Amazon Trail...contact Whitney Sweet at
Sun, 04 Garden Gnome Run Corvallis, 15K, 10K, 5K, Kids
Thur, 08 OTC Run/Walk Series #3 Eugene, 5K Trail
Sat, 10 CASA Champions For Children Eugene, 6K
Sat, 10 Mad Hatter Run Salem, 5K
Sun, 11 Jane Higdon / OHeroes Run/Walk Eugene, 5K
Sun, 11 Hustle 4 Health Albany, 5M, 5K, 1M
Sat, 17 Rhody Run Florence, 10K, 5K
Sat, 17 Run 4 Their Lives Corvallis, 5K
Sun, 18 Bark In The Park Eugene, 5K, 2K
Sat, 24 Ridgeline Ramble Eugene, 20K, 10K
Mon, 26 Miles For Meals Eugene, 15K, 5K, 1M
Sat, 31 Newport Marathon Newport, 26.2M, 13.1M
Sat, 31 Glow XC Dexter, 4.2M
-- after-dark trail run with lights, in Elijah Bristow State Park
south of Eugene...details at: http://www.glowxc.com
Sat, 31 Spring Into Summer Springfield, TBA

Race details at: http://www.eclecticedgeracing.com/Race_Calendar.html


‘See you,
Tom Heinonen
Respond to . Text: 541-954-0263

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UO Running Club provides the opportunity for students to get together to run, train and race. Most of our sessions are steady runs. A couple of days each week we offer harder training sessions (intervals, repetitions, hills, tempo runs, cruise intervals).

The club is coached by Tom Heinonen, a member of the US Track and Field and Cross Country Hall of Fame who coached the University of Oregon women for nearly three decades. In his time coaching the women, he transformed the team from a brand new program into a NCAA powerhouse. He retired in 2003 to start the club and has been coaching it since.

In the Fall, we compete in collegiate cross country races throughout Oregon, then finish our season at the NIRCA Championships, where we face other college clubs. In the Spring, we enter in collegiate track meets. Several of our runners earn the opportunity to race at Hayward Field throughout the year. There are road races throughout the year.

We have a wide range of talent and commitment levels, from recreational runners to All-Americans.

Club members receive an e-mailed workout schedule for the following week every Sunday. There is no fee to join the club.

All running sessions are optional. To join, just show up to one of the practices or contact one of us.

The Running Club is a great way to get together with students and to enjoy running!


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